Aljazi Villas

    Effortless modern living is the main concept behind the Aljazi project. Designed by ESAS Architects and completed in 2010, the project considers functionality at all levels from the mate...

  • Architect : ESAS Architects
  • Location : Abu Hassaniya & Egaila
  • Features : 3-4 bedrooms, 4-5 baths

Leya Villas

    Leya Villas are residential homes designed by Aziz AlHumaidhi to cater to today's modern family. The L shaped plan of each villa encloses within it...

  • Architect : Aziz AlHumaidhi
  • Location : Al-Salam & Al-Sideeq
  • Features : 4-5 bedrooms, 6-7 baths