Property Management Services

In collaboration with Ajar Online – Collect & pay rent via SMS or email

Evaluate the Property and Determine a Fair Rental Rate
  • Document the interior and exterior of the property
  • Offer recommendations on repairs and improvements that will maximize monthly rent
  • Gather data on rents in the area to determine a fair rental rate
Market the Property
  • Prepare property for rent
  • Display property on
  • Reach out to our network of potential tenants (waiting lists, etc.)
  • Create ads for the property including: 
    • - Online listings
    • - On-site signage
  • Work with established real-estate agents
  • Show the property to potential tenants on any day of the week
Tenant Screening
  • Provide prospective tenants with rental applications that match the owner's requirements
  • Verify identity, marital status, income, rental history, etc.
Tenant Move-In
  • Write-up lease agreement
  • Review lease guidelines with tenant
  • Perform move-in inspection with tenant and have them sign a report verifying the condition of the property
  • Provide a welcome letter that includes important contact information
  • Collect security deposit

In collaboration with Ajar Online – Collect & pay rent via SMS or email

Rent Collection
  • Collect rent 
  • Follow up on late payments
  • Enforce late fees

  • Understand the latest laws that apply to renting and maintaining properties
  • Advise in the event of a legal dispute
  • Coordinate with law enforcement to remove tenant if necessary
  • Provide detailed documentation of expenses
  • Maintain all historical records (invoices, receipts, leases, etc.)
  • Provide monthly reports
Maintenance and Repairs
  • Perform periodic inspections
  • Provide and supervise an in-house maintenance crew
  • Outsource jobs based on work quality and pricing
  • Maintain outdoor areas
  • Provide an emergency maintenance hot-line
  • Provide monthly maintenance reports

Tenant Move Out
  • Inspect property and fill out report on its condition
  • Provide owner and tenant with copy of report as well as estimated damages
  • Hold portion of security deposit for repairs
  • Clean unit and perform repairs
  • Return remaining balance of the security deposit to the tenant
  • Put the property back on the market